Waypoint Church is raising up a people with a passion for Jesus and His purposes in the world. We long to see a church multiplying movement in which the Kingdom of God comes. As a result, deep, authentic relationship with Jesus and with one another becomes a reality, and our city and the un-reached areas of our world are forever changed by His presence.




We Spend Time with Jesus

Corporately and individually we encounter God.


We Listen to and Obey God

God Speaks and we respond to the Holy Spirit and God’s Word.


We Know God’s Heart is for the World

We want to see every city and nation reached with the Kingdom of God.


We Live On Purpose

We intentionally represent God everywhere we go.


We Are Sons and Daughters of God

God has adopted us into His family.


We Raise Up Others

We are committed to go and make disciples.


We Believe the Church is Plan A

The church can be the greatest expression of the Kingdom of God, so we plant churches. There is no plan B.


We Are in this Together

We walk with each other, sacrifice for each other, and you belong.