A Word for Waypoint Church from Josh Ballard 


June, 2019

I saw the number 8.

As I studied the biblical meaning of the number 8, I learned that it often signifies “Resurrection and Regeneration” or “A New Beginning”.


• It was the first day of the week in the creation timeline

• It was the day of the week on which Jesus was resurrected

• It was the number of people on Noah’s Arc.

• The 8th day was the day for circumcision for newborn Jewish males signifying entrance into the Covenant of Abraham. 

• And there are many other biblical connections to the number 8…

What does this mean for us?  

Why did the Holy Spirit show me that number?  


I want to focus on these two words: “Resurrection and Regeneration” - A coming back to life and new growth in the areas that have been cut off. 


And here is the word.  Are you ready to receive it?  


The Lord is restoring Joy is his people again.  The Lord is resurrecting forgotten and surrendered dreams.  The Lord is restoring faint hearts from the long journey.  Lay down your yoke, your burdens, your disappointment and your fear.   Pick up His yoke.  Dream again, grow again, risk again, and receive the Joy of the Lord again upon your life.


I am declaring that it’s a new season.  Step into it.